Enlarge Breast Size

Just look at how rampant breast enlarge ad lately. Producers promise a variety of products that can enlarge the breasts in a short time. Either by applying a cream, wearing a special bra, take a pill, until using a specially designed electronic equipment. Question time is also not half-hearted. They are promising something that is fantastic. Only within 30 days, concrete evidence can be obtained. Give me a break!

The use of a variety of ways to raise the breasts, said Dr. Ferryal Loetan, ASC & T, MMR, Sp.RM., actually futile. According to this sexology consultancy, "Breast adult women are not likely to be enlarged again in any way. While the most rapid growth experienced by young women who just reached puberty. Hence, have an enlarged breast will look and toning at the age of 10-18 years. This growth will cease when the child has grown to become the figure of a woman. It was then that breast size can not be touched again. Similar to the development of the penis in boys.

The reason, obviously Ferryal, built by the gland and breast tissue that can not be "trained" to be enlarged. The glands are glands that make breast milk. These glands are active only work during pregnancy in order to prepare the body of the mother to produce milk. That's when the glands are full of milk that causes enlargement of breast size. No wonder the woman's breast size during pregnancy is greater than usual.

While most network structuring the breast is fatty tissue and connective tissue. This soft tissues that support the breast earlier. Unlike a lot of muscle tissue found in the feet and hands as a member of the body movement, connective tissue and fat can not at all trained to be enlarged. Concretely, if the arm muscles can be trained in how to lift weights in order to enlarge, then the breast muscles can not be trained in the same way in order to be great.

No wonder the already sagging breasts sagging alias will remain very difficult to tighten. Breast engorgement shows connective tissue and fat tissue was not able to sustain support the load of the breast.

In general, it is clear Ferryal, the size of breast size is determined by several factors. Among the factors of race where there are racial / ethnic certain women were known to have a fairly large breasts. Asian women generally have relatively small breasts. In contrast, Caucasians are known to have large enough breasts. But along with the many aspects of globalization with interracial marriage, race factor seems to have no longer determine the size of the breast. Evidence, not a few Asian women who have large breasts.

The following determinants are genetic factors. That is, breast size will decrease a mother to her daughter. Thus, from a mother who has big breasts, chances are her daughters also have a relatively large breast size as well.

Even so, environmental factors and training also influential. An athlete pools generally have relatively large breasts because of her breasts to be even wider considering frequently attracted by the movements when swimming. Conversely, people with asthma usually have smaller breasts than the size of the original / proper. This condition is an indirect result of a thoracic / chest are relatively small. In addition to the habit of breathing deeply.

In addition to doubting their effectiveness, Ferryal also concerned about the negative impact of various breast enlargement efforts lively advertised in various media. One of the most worrying about is how to vacuum. This method can raise breast claimed by way of sucking the breast tissues using special equipment. "For the short term, this effort may succeed because the network will be pumped and participated enlarged breasts," said Ferryal comment. As for the long term, he would doubt it. "How is it possible? Why, once the vacuum is released, the entire breast tissue that forms will be returned to its original size. Breast will be returning to deflate. "

Likewise, the various creams that are offered on the market. Ferryal remind consumers to actually question the effect. "Was able to enlarge the breast size? Though these creams work only on the outside of the breast and can not penetrate the breast tissue. While limited to tighten the breast still possible, "he said.

Ferryal not deny that the operation is one way of breast enlargement "safe." Injecting silicone into the breast has a lot of people left because the stakes are huge. Because the silicon is at times can be broken and then seeps into the blood vessel which then can cause toxicity in the body. Poisoning can destroy body cells that in the next stage can trigger cancer. That is why Ferryal again remind consumers for suspecting a particular individual or institution beauty that offers silicone surgery.

Operations that are considered fairly "safe" to enlarge the breasts is surgery saline. Through surgery, the model / shape and size can be designed in such a way depending on the taste in question. Which should be noted, people who perform the operation should be someone who is really expert in the field of plastic surgery because not everyone can do it haphazardly.

How, similar to silicone, saline solution is inserted into a certain package and then installed in the breast. Although considered more "safe" rather than silicon, so far, further research about the side effects of this fluid does not exist. So, if you want to take it any way it's good to think back to the adverse impacts that may arise.

Must be diligent TREATING
Although breast augmentation can be done through surgery, but Ferryal affirm every married couple should be grateful that the breast size of his wife. Because the most important is how to maintain and keep the breast in order to stay tight.

In addition, breast size is not always synonymous with male sexual attractiveness. Speaking of size, yet the taste of men in this case also can not be generalized. There are men who like big breasted women, but not a few others like small breasted women. That is, "It all depends on individual taste." So, only if the size of his little wife's breasts have become urgent issues in the family, saline surgery could be an alternative.

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