8 Ways Unique Oral Sex

Do you already feel skilled in oral sex with a partner?

But you try to think, if you want the satisfaction of course you also have to offer the best also the partner. Well, you can try unique ways in the air following oral sex as a variation of your love:

1. Tip Top

Use your tongue to moisten the tip, V-spot and all parts of Mr. P your partner. Continue to wet the skin of every crack and Mr. P up to become tense and harden.

2. Tea Bagging

Let your tongue travel to every part of Mr. P from the top to the bottom. Pat with your tongue to increase the intensity of pleasures.

3. Sweet Nothing

Mr. Goda. P gently and slowly as possible with your mouth and tongue. Let Mr. P feel the warmth of your breath.

4. Hummer

Put your lips near Mr.P and mendesahlah. You can make little movements with your lips so as to provide the resonance effect will make your partner is enthusiastic and highly applaud your way.

5. XXX-treme

You can change the temperature of your mouth and taste sensations change when you play with your partner Mr.P. You could put some ice cubes, hot tea or shaved ice Mr.P-and enter into your mouth.

6. Bait & Switch

This time you can use your hands to give a massage on Mr. P. Start slowly, then faster and faster. You also can use a vibrator and start to vibrate your partner's passion.

7. Just say O

Try to keep your head does not move when you enter your partner Mr. P into your mouth. You may be holding Mr. P so as not to go too deep into your mouth.

8. Alarm Clock

Finally, you can enter a mint or menthol in your mouth, along with Mr. P. Mint and menthol sensation can evoke the tense nerves and hold it before you start to the game's core.

Which will be your mainstay technique? Try it tonight.

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