Benefits of Sex For Women

Undeniably, along with increasing numbers of women working was a decrease in sex drive is also increasingly developed into a 'plague'. Be ambitious and success oriented indeed one important thing in life, for that we must maintain the energy in ourselves. Unfortunately, in our development so lost feminine touch, including the potential for sensual.

Sex is also a big role in order to achieve the life achievement, as important as health care, fitness training and maintaining body shape. Why the fuck can not compete with other bodily activity? These are the reasons:

Sex = generate confidence

For many active women, severity of competition in the world of work and household activity may undermine sexual performance. Well, this is where sex serves to restore vitality. Not only spur physical abilities, but also in terms of emotional. "Sex is the sustainer of life. Sex cultivate a positive attitude in looking at yourself, including the body and the allure of self. "

Sex = correct way of looking at yourself

Maintaining a toned body shape, contain, it can make you feel vibrant, powerful and sexy. But if you do it too extreme can be bad. Perhaps you feel proud if you managed to lose weight, or managed mengecangkan abdomen. But this perspective can lower your sexual desire. So how do we get more love for yourself? Have an enjoyable sex life.

Sex = make life more beautiful romance

When we ignore the emotions, then we turn into lovers who do not have enthusiasm. If this continues, then the assumption that sex as something fun will gradually fade. And shortly thereafter, someone could absolutely do not want to have sex. Sensual touches that light slowly can actually help them build long-lasting relationship. On the other hand, the disappearance of sexual desire can exacerbate the problems already existing relationships. If you marry someone, it could be a lot of difference of opinion. But when you make love to her, all problems look like ignored. Sex is a way to close to the couple. Recalls the reasons why you both married. So, with little attention and effort, your marriage life will return valuable and exciting.

Sex = banish stress

Just as exercise, sex can stimulate the production of endorphins, a hormone that works to alleviate, even eliminate pain. Sex also can affect mood changes, including the spirit of sports. In the midst of busy taking care of household and working in the office, perhaps nothing is more fun and healing in addition to the romantic touches. But women who are pessimistic thought it was impossible to do. Their stress resulted in their libido disappeared. Provide time for making love means letting go of the mood of the pressure of daily problems. But once the sex is understandable as a matter of priority, then it will become an indispensable part of life.

Sex = clear your mind

Sex is not only a natural stress reliever, but also refreshes your mind and stimulate creativity. When you have an orgasm, it is equivalent to the gusts of wind which dispels all evil thoughts from your mind.

Sex = increase happiness

From a research prove, from all the respondents who claimed very happy, it turns out 72% of them had sexual intercourse at least once a week. Even 73% of them admitted if a week does not make love, they will be very unhappy. So what else is way more powerful to restore happiness, besides sex?

Making love = better quality of life

Active women who work constantly, or constantly practicing sport will not gain a perfect body fitness. Practicing too loud will cause negative effect to your sexual activity, and would not automatically have the energy anymore to enjoy the other side of life, including sex.

Sex = the most fun

We are all sexual beings. We believe that sex is always to give pleasure, even if not for the purpose of descent. This means that regular sex is actually a fun part of a pattern of marital life.

Such conditions often occur in pairs after exhaustion had sex / husband and wife. According to the Times of India, there are four reasons that can cause couples to sleep immediately after sex, namely:

1. The man had ejaculated when orgasm.
Because the hormones that come out when it will make him become lethargic so it is likely to close their eyes more likely than a desire to sleep in during normal conditions. Even then he was a fit condition of the body but sexual activity is one of many activities that absorb energy.

2. Having sex in the evening.
When a state body that is tired after a day of activities and then perform sexual activity at night is one of the causes of very large desire to sleep after sex. This is possible because sexual activity can make the body become relaxed and a natural thing a person would immediately fall asleep after making love.

3. Climax.
Couples who fall asleep after having sex can be considered the she has reached orgasm and has released all his desires.

4. Need a break.
When having sex there are times when people hold their breath for some time to reach peak 'enjoyment' and heart rate will increase also, causing lack of oxygen and needed a break to restore the body.

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